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Mel Gibson Still Bitter Over Bad Press

February 2nd, 2010

The film Edge of Darkness is out in the theaters now and as usual actor-director Mel Gibson is out promoting his new movie.
Unfortunately for him, during one interview, the reporter seemed to be more interested in Mel’s past performances then his current one.


Mel did a pretty decent job for the most part, side stepping the questions and trying to steer the reporter back onto the subject of the real interview but reporter Dean Richards just seemed hell bent on bringing up the past.

I’m not trying to justify his actions but the truth is, Mel Gibson did what he did and said what he said almost 4 years ago. He paid his legal price to society and even more so then most people in the public’s eye usually have to. Hell, all he did was say some drunken remarks, Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rhianna and society has already forgiven him.

As far as for the “A-hole” comment at the end of the interview, maybe Mr. Gibson could have waited to make sure the camera was off, or maybe he was just doing what every human’s reaction would be when broadsided with an interview from a reporter with ulterior motives.

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