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10 signs you had too much to drink

December 16th, 2006

(Unfortunately these really happened…ENJOY!!)

10. You just realized you gave your car keys to a complete stranger so he can go on a beer run.
9. You see a cooler full of Mickies and you think it’s a good idea to dive head first into it while professing your love for the drink.
8. You use a chair to show what you would do to the girl you like if she was there right now.
7. Your hommie’s younger brother looks good enough to fuck so you chase him around the house!
6. You wake up and try to figure out how the hottie you took home from the club gained 300lbs over night.
5. You find your self drinking beer out of a shot glass while singing the song Black by Pearl Jam to a stripper on stage.
4. You think it’s a good idea to stick your head out of a car going 70mph on the freeway to throw up, thus creating a cyclonic vomit effect inside the car and all over your friends.
3. During your “Drunk Drive-Thru” ordering at the local Jack in the Box, you leave your car to go puke by the dumpster and never come back.
2. You wake up remembering the drive home was a little rough so you go out to the car and fine the entire passenger side is missing paint, the mirror is hanging by 1 wire and the tire is missing. Ohh the metal rim is still there but the actual tire is no where to be found.
1. Waking up next to the Burger King Dumpster, your shirt and cell phone are gone, your wallet is missing $300, you only have one shoe on and there is a foot print on your chest.

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  1. Chris
    December 16th, 2006 at 17:31 | #1

    LOL….good times man

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