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Bing is Not the Next Google

June 1st, 2009

It seems like nowadays, every time a new website is launched that has any form of search focused on it everyone wants to call it “the next Google”. This happened with Wolfram|Alpha, Twitter and is now happening with Bing.

I recently read a blog post called The Next Google by Seth Godin; whom of which I usually enjoy his posts but this time I have to disagree.

Now the fact that people jokingly refer to Bing being an acronym that stands for “But It’s Not Google”, is ok with me because Bing is not just a normal search engine. It was not designed to be a Google Killer and its intended purpose is not to be a typical search engine where people just get a list of 10 results to a keyword or phrase that they searched on.

Taken from the Microsoft official media release:

Bing is specifically designed to build on the benefits of today’s search engines but begins to move beyond this experience with a new approach to user experience and intuitive tools to help customers make better decisions, focusing initially on four key vertical areas: making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business.

This is why Bing is considered a “Decision Engine”, not just a search engine.

Microsoft is not trying to make it the next Google. Everyone else is calling it that, Microsoft is not. There are similar features to a search engine,  just like every search tool but the whole user concept is different.

When Wolfram|Alpha was launched, everyone was calling that a new Google, until people realized that its not intended to be used as a search engine but as a knowledge engine to find out answers to specific equations and aim to collect and curate all objective data; implement every known model, method, and algorithm; and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything with the goal is of building on the achievements of science and other systematization’s of knowledge to provide a single source that can be relied on by everyone for definitive answers to factual queries.

The same goes for Bing, you have to look at it not as a search engine and don’t treat it as such. Use it for what it is intended for and then make your decision on what you will call it.

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E3 2009: Twitter and Facebook coming to XBox Live

June 1st, 2009

Well it was bound to happen. Apparently this was just confirmed from IGN’s live blog of the 2009 E3 video game conference that coming this fall you will be able to access Twitter posts and Facebook from your XBox Live dashboard.

Taken from the IGN Live Blog:

(11:44:19 AM): Announcing Live Party so that your avatars will sit around a virtual TV and watch it. Looks like a lame version of Mystery Science Theatre. Announcing a partnership with Facebook. Felicia Day on stage from The Guild.

(11:45:35 AM): Season 3 of the guild is coming this fall… Showing off Facebook on Xbox 360. Same kind of windowed browser as the rest of the Xbox interface. Can use friend linker, that shows XBL and FB friends in the same list.

(11:46:30 AM): Can view photos from yourself and your friends off your Xbox. Can view them in slide show mode. In fullscreen on Xbox. Can also browse status updates on your Xbox.

(11:47:34 AM): Facebook Connect is on there as well, which lets you posts screens and texts in real time. Will work for the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour. In addition to Facebook, Twitter will also be available through XBL.

(11:48:28 AM): Looks like you can view other people’s Twitter posts, and you can post from Twitter right from your Xbox. Updates instantly. Twitter and Facebook will be coming to Xbox Live this fall.

This should make for a very interesting experience. Considering Microsoft , Google and Yahoo are all trying to buy Twitter in hopes of gaining the title of “the best search engine” and the release of being launched today; look’s like Microsoft is really making a huge step forward in trying to gain control of the market again.

Twitter will soon have 10′s of millions of users, plus the millions of people on Facebook combined with the ability to merge these social sites to their XBox Live account, this may lead to a new rise in popularity with Microsoft’s search presence.

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