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Dear God, why are you messing with me?

October 1st, 2008

So I have a feeling that God is in one of his moods today.

On my lunch hour I decided to go to the local Wells Fargo bank to get some change for my work. I enter the bank, proceeded directly to the merchant teller window and was helped by a very lovely young teller. I look around at the other tellers and notice that they are all above averagely attractive. I turn around and look at the employees at the desks on the floor and they are extremely attractive too.

Now, I’m noticing a pattern and start to look at the customers. Almost every single female was just amazingly hot! I swear it was like the Playboy Mansion exploded and all the Playmates landed in this Bank. I was on sensory overload I’m telling you.

These women were hot and in mass numbers so much to the point where their hotness was amplified to the point where it was like the Sun, you can’t look directly at them, you kinda have to just glance real fast then look away.

So I leave the bank and decide to go to the Deli for lunch and reflect on what had just happen. When I walk into the Deli; just like a slap to the face all the cute regular employees decided to wear very revealing clothes today.
I get my Italian sub sandwich, sit down, and I’m thinking God why are you doing this to me, presenting me with all this amazingly hot yet untouchable ass! How dare you!!

Right then, the song “Stroke Me, Stroke Me” comes screaming on the radio.

Touché God…Touché