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Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2007

Hey everyone so I really haven’t up dated my blog for a bit cus I have been pretty busy with Halloween parties and import racing events and have been doing some Search Engine Optimization work for some new clients, and lets not forget going out and parting when I can lol.

Hey if you get the chance be sure to check out, this is a new Honda Forum that is really starting to take off, and you know me, I love my Honda!!!.

Anyway I just wanted to leave this quick lil post and say to everyone thanks for reading and keep coming back for more cus Ill be updating more often.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


I Love New York 2 | Tiffany Pollard on VH1

October 11th, 2007

Tiffany “New York” PollardTiffany Pollard is back on VH1 and at it again with the second season of her hit reality TV show “I Love New York 2″.

After another unsuccessful attempt at finding love, Tiffany “New York” Pollard is jumping back into the reality TV dating world to find the man of her dreams.

Cast of I Love New York 2

A fresh group of twenty men are brought together to compete for her love and attention but this time there’s a twist…some have been hand-picked by online users and some have been chosen by Tiffany’s overbearing mother, Sister Patterson. Be sure to watch this new season of “I Love New York” every Monday night.

So let’s get onto the members who actually survived the first round of elimination of I Love New York season 2!

Buddha is from: Miami, FL
•Is a “Life Coach”
•Is a model and a personal trainer
•Invests in real estate
•Considers himself faithful and spiritual

20 Pack is from: Florida
• Has a cosmetology license
• Owner of male review
• Is an M.C.
• Is a Hair Stylist
• Loves money

Cheezy is from: Cherry Hill, NJ
• Is a host at Madame Tussauds wax museum
• Is a frat boy
• He once walked around in a club naked
• Is intimidated by his parents
• Once worked in Disney World as an elf in the Christmas store
• Is allergic to cats

Man Man is from: East Hazel Crest, IL
• Has never been in a long-term relationship before
• Was trouble maker in High School
• Thinks he’s two men in one.

Unsure is from: New Jersey
• Is a bartender in South Beach
• Is a model
• Has cheated on a past girlfriend
• Has been said to resemble ‘Romance’ from season 1

Wolf comes from: Texas
• Thinks he talks too much
• From small town, back country Texas. Has a thick accent to prove it.
• Likes to roller blade
• Has 12 brothers and sisters

It comes from: Long Island City, NY
• Worked at a day care center
• Likes to show off his ninja moves
• Likes to freestyle rap
• Wants to be a speech therapist
• Likes to sport an army helmet

Knock Out comes from: Detroit, MI
• Is an “undefeated” boxer
• Recent/Current Job: Cable TV Technician
• Once went out of town and forgot his bags
• Has caught a previous girlfriend cheating

Midget Mac comes from: Florida
• Is a hype man for Young Cash
• Is 4 feet tall
• Was a navy brat
• Is a single father with two daughters
• Thinks he can do anything tall people can do, but better

Yours is from: Jacksonville, FL
• Is an artist
• Once lost his shorts swimming
• Considers himself a ladies man
• Is allergic to shellfish

Punk: Elgin, IL
• Is a lawyer
• Is a bodybuilder
• Graduated from Harvard Law school
• Considers himself to be religious

Pretty: Pearl, MS
• Is currently in Law school
• Very close to his mother, two sisters, and two nieces
• Prides himself on being a southern gentleman
• Wears a tie everyday
• Is intimidated by moms and aunts

Tailor Made: Queens, NY
• Is a fashion planner
• Says his humiliating moment was when he got in trouble for making inappropriate comments at work
• Considers himself not religious
• Loves to be pampered and loves money
• Woos women with money and gifts
• Has been to marriage counseling before moving forward with a divorce
• Believes in the importance of good skin care

The Entertainer: Congers, NY
• Was #1 in the online competition getting the most votes
• Screen name online was TheEntertainer
• Got 38,990 votes in one week during the last round
• Was in the Mr. Hot category online
• Lives in his parent’s basement
• Training to be a UPS truck driver. Currently a dock loader.
• Sings to entertain people
• Volunteers with Down Syndrome children

Sweetie Pie: Atlanta, GA
• Was #4 in the online competition getting the most votes
• Screen name online was darnellwright
• Got 34,430 votes in one week during the last round
• Was in the Mr. Funny category online

Mr. Wise from: Camden, NJ
• Was #5 in the online competition getting the most votes
• Screen name online was Solomonwise111
• Got 18,702 votes in one week during the last round
• Is a club promoter
• Thinks he is sincere
• Writes poetry
• Caught a girlfriend cheating on him
• Has been said to resemble ‘White Boy’ from season 1


A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila on MTV

October 10th, 2007

tila_tequila.jpg tila-tequila1.jpg tila.jpg med_tila-tequila-maxim1.jpg

Tila Nguyen, known to the millions of people on MySpace as Tila Tequila has followed the steps of many celebrities before her and has decided to star in her own dating reality TV show called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila which will air on MTV on Tuesday nights at 10pm.

Basically the set up of this newest Dating Reality TV show is this: 16 men and 16 women are fighting for the love of Tila Tequila a self proclaimed Bisexual Freak!!

Poor Tila Tequila, even with over 2 million MySpace friends, Tila just can’t seem to find love. She has been hurt by both men and women so this time she decided the best way is to have 32 men and women compete for her love on TV. The contestants don’t know that she is bisexual so they are shocked to find out that not only do they have to compete with the same sex, but with the opposite sex as well.

Who will Tila Tequila pick? Will it be a guy or a girl? Will she even be able to make up her mind or will she strike out again and not find love? Well only thing to do is watch and find out so check your local listings and be sure to tune in every week and see whats new on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.


Japanese Classic Car Show on

October 7th, 2007

Yesterday October 6, 2007, the Japanese Classic Car Show was held at Queen Mary Park down in Long Beach, California and the team from was there to check it out.

The car show was a hit with hundreds of classic Japanese cars spread throughout the event.

Classic makes and models like the Nissan Skyline, Honda CRX and Honda Civic were represented in force. Not to mention old school Mazda rotary trucks, Datsuns and other beauties.

Not only were there hundreds of cars to check out, there also were plenty of vendors to visit such as Super Street Magazine, Yokohama Tires, Toyota USA and Tokico Shocks.

Wired On Honda is known for their great pictures and coverage of car shows and took over 100 pictures of these classic Japanese cars and has them up for viewing on their site. Be sure to check out the car show event photo gallery on Wired On Honda to see all the past car show event coverage. And be sure to check out their photos of the Japanese Classic Car Show on Wired On Honda.

japanese classic cars how100.jpg japanese classic car show001.jpg


Pixie of LA Ink

October 2nd, 2007

Pixie from LA Ink

Pixie of LA Ink

Pixie, the perky and colorfully tattoo sporting shop manager at LA Ink loves to surround herself with bright, colorful, “yummy” things.

One only needs to look at the elaborate, colorful tattoos of cupcakes, a sleeve full of Care Bears and other assorted “happy” images that adorn her body and you can tell she is a carefree fun loving happy spirit. Not to mention the intense body modifications such as her facial piercings and her split serpent tongue, Pixie is one hell of an interesting person.

Before moving to LA four years ago, Pixie was a body piercer at various shops around the country. These days, when not working at the shop she is a freelance make up artist.

Fun Facts about Pixie

  • Pixie is a former Fear Factor game show winner
  • She is a Pescatarian which means she is a vegetarian but she does eat fish
  • Pixie loves animals and lives in Los Angeles with her two pitbulls, Cup Cake and Chopper, and her cat, Monkey.
  • She loves all types of music from rock, rap, metal, salsa and reggae but no country.Pixie enjoys bands like Morphine, Queens of the Stone Age, Portishead and White Stripes just to name a few.
  • Some of Pixies favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Resevoir Dogs, Donnie Darko, Roger Rabbit, Space Balls, Fight Club, American History X, The Usual Suspects.

When asked what were her first thoughts when TLC approached her about being on LA INK, Pixie said she at first didn’t think it was going to happen because, you know this is Hollywood. Followed by, “Reality? What are people going to say about us when its reality?” My sensitive heart takes criticism way too personal. I hope people will be kind in their words. That’s really it. Now I’m super super excited!